Pink and Blues Joins Content Communities

Content communities are growing in popularity and offer something different to users than the benefits of social networks. Unlike social networks in which users carry on conversations, content communities are held together by common interest. Popular content communities include YouTube, Flickr, and SlideShare. In content communities, users share content such as photos, videos, presentations and podcasts. YouTube is the most popular content community with more than 1 billion users.

My client, Pink & Blues would benefit from joining a content community. I chose to use Flickr and Pinterest for Pink & Blues, a tween and teen fashion boutique in Plantation, Florida. Both are highly embraced  by women and are conducive for photo sharing. According to its website, Flickr is a pioneer of social networking and photo-sharing, and while it may have recently been eclipsed by others in some key respects, its core functions – photo storage and sharing – can provide invaluable marketing facility for businesses looking to grow their brands. Flickr allows users to engage with each other’s photo content. The photo streams and albums can be shared on a business’ Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other social media account.  Using Flickr will allow a business to extend its brand online, build brand awareness, generate leads, and enhance SEO. Flickr has more than 10 million “groups” to join, each based on a common interest.

My client, Pink & Blues could benefit from embracing Flickr by displaying photos of its merchandise, maybe even its customers wearing its merchandise. To get started in Flickr, I created an album for Pink & Blues under my account, the best way I could think of to highlight the store’s merchandise for this assignment. Ideally, Pink & Blues would have its own account with albums organized for each event or category.


This is the link to Pink & Blue Fashion Accessory Flickr Album:




Another great content community that Pink & Blues can embrace is Pinterest,  which connects people through shared interests—their passions, hobbies, tastes and values. Pinterest is highly used by females and seems like an ideal extension for the boutique, which has a mostly female customer base.

On Pinterest, I created a board with the store’s fashion accessories. Similar boards could be created for summer camp merchandise or back to school fashions

Here is the link to Pink & Blues’ Pinterest Fashion Accessory Board:


Once people beginning pinning items from Pink & Blues, it will raise brand awareness and drive traffic to the website, eventually leading to higher sales.

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